UCLA Rothman Family
Institute for Food Studies

Changing our world through food

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Our Purpose

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Unleashing knowledge, innovation, and leadership

The UCLA Rothman Family Institute for Food Studies provides a dynamic hub for collaborative teams to forge a model for problem solving— a global model that inspires the innovative thinking and leadership essential to shaping our future. 

Dedicated to becoming a world leader through food studies

Embodying UCLA’s commitment to interdisciplinary study and the cross-pollination of research fields, student engagement and public outreach, the UCLA Rothman Family Institute will become a world leader in using food as a lens to guide and inform public policy, community organization, education, public health and medicine, environmental justice, and the arts.

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Food Studies Program

About the Rothman Family Institute

The UCLA Rothman Family Institute for Food Studies is a dynamic hub that transforms our appreciation and understanding of food through high-caliber interdisciplinary research, teaching and co-curricular programs, bringing together and building on:

Extensive courses in the Food Studies minor and graduate certificate program

UCLA’s diverse student body with its commitment to inclusivity and social progress

Groundbreaking research across all disciplines

Thriving partnerships with initiatives like the Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Center

Rothman Institute Research Goals:

A diverse group of students surround a table which holds laptops and notebooks.

Develop effective strategies for sustainable production

Resolve disparities that lead to food and health inequities 

Effectively promote knowledge of food across diverse communities of Los Angeles, the United States and the world 

Support individuals to help navigate food choice amidst conflicting information

Advance innovations in food systems and policy into the future to support human and planetary health

Help us advance the field of Food Studies

Changing our world through food is not only possible, it is critical to our livable future.

Emeritus Education

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