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Library Resource Support

$2,500 will provide support for library resources, so the extensive and varied history and culture of food-related studies can be fully marshaled to advance the Institute’s mission. This fund supports the UCLA Library’s curated research collections as well as dedicated research and instructional services. These library resources underpin the academic and interdisciplinary work of the Institute and are thus critical to its success.

Scholarships and Student Support

$5,000 provides vital support to students wishing to pursue Food Studies in preparation for leadership in a variety of sectors. Can also provide support for graduate students to conduct research and assessment of the benefits of the program on the students and community.

Partnerships and Public Events

$10,000 will provide symposia, seminars and conferences to connect leaders in food-related issues to UCLA and strengthen the university’s relationships with the local and broader community, providing opportunities for students to apply their knowledge practically and effectively beyond campus.

Course Innovation

$25,000 will meet the high student demand for food studies courses, these funds will provide faculty stipends and incentives to create innovative new course offerings in areas such as: Food Justice and Race, Food Writing in a Digital Age, Urban Agriculture: Histories and Futures, Food Policy and Law, Food Science and Nutrition, Foodborne Illness and Global Health.

Institute Advancement

A $50,000 investment will provide support for expanding research projects, seed money for program innovation, and activities related to the launch of the Institute.

Teaching Kitchen Equipment and Course Support

A $100,000 investment will enable the development of programming and resources to enhance access to affordable food, teach students how to cook on a budget, and learn how to use affordable ingredients to prepare healthy meals.

Lecture Series

A $250,000 donation supports the opportunity to name an endowed annual lecture series that allows the institute to invite prominent thought leaders who tackle big food issues and start important conversations.

Named Endowed Term Chair

A $1 million investment in an endowed chair enables outstanding scholars and faculty from various disciplines, on a rotating basis, to lead interdisciplinary research and to mentor students in Food Studies, particularly in the areas of science, nutrition, humanities and economics. Investment in endowed chairs enables outstanding scholars to pursue knowledge at the leading edge of their fields. Endowed chairs continue to play an increasingly crucial role in the recruitment and retention of outstanding university faculty. Establishing an endowed chair allows a donor to align their name with academic excellence at one of the world’s leading research universities.
Annual distribution: $42,500. The Board of Directors of the UCLA Foundation approves the annual distribution rate, currently at 4.25%, based on a rolling 12-quarter average market value (with one quarter lag).
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Emeritus Education

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